Language is no Barrier

You’re the manager of a large utility company, whose deregulated market areas now cover growing, vibrant ethnic neighbourhoods. In the wake of increased competition, the way to increase market share is to have an impact of these neighbourhoods. You need to speak their languages. They need to understand you.

You’re an emergency room nurse in a busy urban hospital. A man calls in, trying to describe the symptoms his mother is experiencing. He’s speaking Armenian, and you can’t understand what he is saying.

You head a tourism company, bringing eco-tourists from East Asia to North America. To ensure that your customers can make themselves understood when they arrive, you include language cards in their package deal, to ensure they fully enjoy their holiday.

You’re a financial investor with a client interested in buying mutual funds. Your client has just emigrated from Peru. You don’t speak Spanish, and can’t understand which funds she’s interested in.

You’re a probation officer with an ethnically diverse group of individuals reporting to you on a regular basis. To clearly understand these people as individuals, you must be able to speak to them in their native languages, and also hear their responses interpreted through a professional interpreter.

You’re the operations manager of a large international airport. A Russian delegation is about to land, and you need an interpreter now, because their interpreter missed a connecting flight.

You’re the manager of a software company offering 24 hour Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support. Looking at global expansion, you need to have your marketing materials translated into Burmese, Chinese and Thai.

You’re a claims adjustor for a busy insurance company, who needs to talk to your client about the details of an accident. Your client’s brother, who had just arrived from Poland was also in the car at the time of the accident. You need to speak to him directly.

You’re a legal aid lawyer in the downtown of a major urban centre, with an ethnically diverse group of clients. About 50% of your clients are new immigrants to the country, who do not speak or understand enough English to be fully aware of their legal responsibilities and rights.