Keith Lim – Profile


Currently, as Director of Operations & Client Services, Keith Lim oversees day-to-day operations, and is a significant contributor to long-term strategic planning, development, and improvement of CanTalk’s service offerings and processes. Furthermore, Keith is significantly involved in the procurement of new clients, business development, and partnerships.

With over 10 years of experience, Keith’s client service skills are enhanced by his depth of knowledge relative to CanTalk’s internal and team processes. With extensive experience in client relations, linguistics, and geography, Keith is eminently suited to represent the interactivity between CanTalk’s language services offering to its multi-faceted client base.

Additionally, Keith’s familiarity with global languages, immigration trends, combined with his highly developed analytical skills and commitment to customer satisfaction and maintenance of long-term relationships makes him continually engaged with all of CanTalk’s clients with an unmatched assessment of their customer base.

Keith graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Honours) from the University of Manitoba Asper’ School of Business.